DuneFeet special video no. 11 MINI MORRIS

Daily news: Man was crushed to deatth in his vehicle at 11pm last night. He was returning from the holyday, with a few promiles alcohol in his veins. A witness says:

“He has been atacked by huge giantess in high heels, he has no chance to escape! She has put his giant foot on the roof of his mini morris and started to drill the roof with her heel! Poor man has been stucked between the heel and the seat! I have just heared the screems and a lot of noise of car breaking. Giantess has started to crush and flatten the car without mercy! I have seen a poor man was still alive and continually trampled under her shoes! After that, she has rotated the car with the roof on the floor, put back the broken man under the crushed vehicle and started to jump on the car and the poor man beneath that! He didn’t have a chance to survive! Cruel, I have never seen such brutality in my life!”

A man was near the place of accident and sent us the video that he had made. This recording is not edited and full of tragic scenes.

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Big Sister’s Train Set Revenge

Giantess Daisy’s talking on the phone with a friend about how much she hates her little brother. He told their mom that she snuck out the other night to see her boyfriend. He’s SUCH a tattle tail! And now she’s grounded for 3 weeks. Ugh! In revenge, Daisy destroys his precious little toy train set that she got him for his birthday. He spent so much time putting together, it’s guaranteed to make him cry like the little baby he is!

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Hot Head Trampling

Emma is dressed up to go out & makes a series of clips before she leaves, in this clip she tramples & stands all over Mark’s head all filmed at a POV angle to give you that sexy giantess look, half way into the clip Emma takes the camera & films down at the action whilst stepping all over his head in hot pants & dangerous platform high heel shoes, her legs seem to go on forever from this angle. (Clip is 4:00)

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