Mary tortures her tiny foot slave (Special Effects)

Mary loves to torture her tiny slaves with her feet. Her actual slave spent 2 weeks in her smelly red flats, and she decides it’s time for him to die under her lovely feet. She starts teasing him while he’s taped to her foot, then crush him in her shoe before ordering him to lick and massage them. Then she crushes him one more time inside her stinky shoes but this time he pass out. So she picks him up in front of her face to see if he’s really , she drops him on the floor and finish by crushing him hard like a bug under her barefeet : with her toes, her soles and her heel. !!! SPECIAL EFFECTS GIANTESS VIDEO !!! For all giantess/crush/feet video Mary speaks FRENCH including ENGLISH subtitles.

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Giantess Hanna and her tiny foot slave (Special Effects)

Here is my first “Giantess special effects” clip, featuring Hanna. Watch her torture her shrinked slave body with her high heels, then barefoot. She wiggles her toes in front of his face so he can be aroused by the stench of her lovely feet. Then she crushes him harder and harder until he passed out, then she leaves, leaving her tiny suffering slave on the floor. Enjoy this first SFX clip! 1280x720px High Definition – 16/9 Res.

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Accidental candy crush (hiqh quality)

Whatever gets into my way I just stomp it into the floor. ­čÖé Some candies are laying on the floor and I just walk over them as if they were not there. Finally I crush the whole bin. While doing this my sweet toes get really dirty and my shoes get messed up.

Was immer in meinen Weg kommt wird einfach platt gemacht ­čÖé Ein paar Schaumk├╝sse liegen auf dem Boden und ich laufe einfach ├╝ber sie dr├╝ber hinweg. So als w├Ąre da gar nichts. Zum Schluss zertrampel ich noch den ganzen Karton mit den restlichen Schaumk├╝ssen. Dabei werden meine Schuhe total eingesaut und auch meine Zehen sind hinterher voller Creme.

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