Michelle crushes the tiny girl

Michelle is a sexy, blonde giantess with a gorgeous body!
But she doesn’t like small and tiny girls! She HATES them!
So there is only one thing she can do with them – CRUSH them!
She puts one of those little puppets on her chair and sits down.
She squeezes the last bit of life out of her until she cannot
move anymore…! Her hot butt is a powerful weapon!

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Giantess Katja destroys a puppet

Giantess Katja likes to destroy tiny things!
This time she has found a puppet she wants to destroy.
She puts her on the ground and starts to crush her.
You have a good view from below of her body.
You can see her hot legs and feet – beautiful!
Just believe YOU are lying under her and the last
thing you can see are her feet before she ends your life
with a happy smiling in her face…!

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Teddy bear torture pt. 2

This is the way I treat a guy if he does not what I want him to do. *smile* First I trample this poor creature with my full weight, then I start torturing him with the sharp heels of my high heel shoes. I jump on him and I kick him. I slash his ugly body and I rip-off his arms and legs and his head. Finally I even pull out one of his eyes and crush it under my soles. That was fun. Now you know what might happen to you. *smile*

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