Michelle crushes the tiny girl

Michelle is a sexy, blonde giantess with a gorgeous body!
But she doesn’t like small and tiny girls! She HATES them!
So there is only one thing she can do with them – CRUSH them!
She puts one of those little puppets on her chair and sits down.
She squeezes the last bit of life out of her until she cannot
move anymore…! Her hot butt is a powerful weapon!

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Giantess Katja destroys a puppet

Giantess Katja likes to destroy tiny things!
This time she has found a puppet she wants to destroy.
She puts her on the ground and starts to crush her.
You have a good view from below of her body.
You can see her hot legs and feet – beautiful!
Just believe YOU are lying under her and the last
thing you can see are her feet before she ends your life
with a happy smiling in her face…!

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Goddess Celine will kiss – and eat you!

Goddess Celine hat a nice face and beautiful red lips.
I’m sure that you want to kiss them, don’t you?
But you are nothing more than a small and tiny loser!
How do you believe it will be ever possible to kiss her?
Instead of kissing you she will just breath you in and…
… be prepared, this is one of the hottest vore clips ever!
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Shawna Lenee teases and crushes you!

Shawna Lenee is a giantess with a really hot butt!
I’m sure you secretly want to watch her, don’t you…!?
But as soon as she finds you she is going to make fun of you!
She shows you her hot body, teases you – and then denies you!
She laughs at you, shows you that you are useless and…
… at the end she will crush you and destroy your worthless life!

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You are my little toilet licker

Lisa Jordan is a fucking hot giantess!
She has nice great boobs and a hot pussy too!
It is warm and comfortable in there.
And I’m sure you want to find it out yourself…!?
You are a lucky guy because she needs a toilet licker!
But although it starts with a cleaning service
you can be sure that it will end in sexual pleasure…!

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