Randall’s Naughty Nurse

Giantess Katelyn the nurse knocks to enter the room to check up on a patient. She strolls in with her clip board and while reading it she glances down and lets out a scream- Randall was left under a pillow by one of the other nurses and is suffocating. Katelyn checks his pulse and his heart rate, it’s shallow, and begins mouth to mouth CPR. After the CPR she checks his heartbeat again but it’s still very shallow. The CPR alone doesn’t seem to be doing much but no worries… Katelyn knows exactly what to do.

Katelyn has to do something to make Randall’s heartbeat stronger. So, she decides to place him by each breast for about 30 seconds on each breast. After that she places him by her pussy and rubs his nose into her panties. She then reaches for the stethoscope and as she’s reaching to grab it Randall lunges at her kissing her hard knocking her on her back. Katelyn lets out a loud moan and moves her legs around in pleasure as she and Randall have a hot kissing make out session.

Katelyn then pulls Randall off and while looking into his eyes is happy she got his heartbeat back up! She gets back up, adjusts her clothing, and gets everything back in order before she gets caught. She then places Randall where he should have been left in the first place (on top of the pillow), tells Randall she might sneak back later for more, and leaves the room to check up on the next patient.

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