Randall Being Naughty

Giantess Katelyn tells her loving pet Randall how she’s had such a wonderful day with him and she has decided to let him sleep with her. Katelyn’s so tired but her mind is racing so she took a sleeping pill and is already beginning to feel drugged and groggy. She tells him they’re going to bed to get a good night’s sleep.

Giantess Katelyn tells Randall he can sleep on her shoulder and she falls right asleep with her mouth slightly open. Naughty and a little horny, Randall slides over to her mouth, opens it with his hand, and puts his face inside to get a sexy view of her incredible mouth. This awakens Katelyn and she begins to struggle to get him out, for a few minutes, moaning and breathing hard.

Spit swirls around Randall’s head as Katelyn pulls and struggles to get him un-stuck. Once free, Katelyn holds him up to her face and gets one hell of a surprise! Randall blows his load straight down Giantess Katelyn’s throat but Katelyn is far too tired to think of his punishment so she makes him sleep alone for the rest of night until she can figure it all out in the morning. Katelyn puts him in the bottom of her nightstand, licks her lips, and then puts her head back on the pillow to go to fall asleep!

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