Creamy Bar Boss Vore

Giantess Katelyn arrives home with her boss and his car, and proceeds to explain why she shrank him and his cool little car. She was sick of working for him for a while now and finally got around to finding a new job. He used to call her in on her days off, he was underpaying her, and overall he wasn’t too nice of a boss- and that goes for all of the girls that work for him. Katelyn tells him she quits and she has a new boss already! And the reason she shrank his car is because she kind of… shrinks people as a hobby and thought his car would be nice for them to have since it’s so cute! Katelyn’s house is big and a little car for her other shrunken people to drive, to get around easier, is exactly what she’s been wanting to give them for too long!

However, as far as her ex boss in front of her she has something else planned. She doesn’t want to keep him around, she wants to get rid of him as an act of revenge and so no one else ever has to deal with his superiority. He’s too crappy of a boss for such a position, so Katelyn shows him what she really thinks of him. Since he interrupted her day with his phone call she never got to eat yet. Katelyn decides her ex boss will become some added protein in a toasted bagel and cream cheese sandwich to serve her hunger!

Katelyn secures her ex boss in her top and gets all of the sandwich supplies out. Then as she waits for the bagel to finish toasting she forces him to take many deep looks inside her mouth, where his life will soon end. After Katelyn has her sandwich made she carefully places her ex boss right in the middle of her sandwich so she can see him with every bite!She saves him for the very last bite.

After Katelyn devours her creamy ex boss sandwich she strips her uniform off and rubs her belly in satisfaction. After enjoying the moment and satisfaction of consuming him, she goes off to the living room to call the girls she used to work with to tell them the news. They always enjoy her stories, but Katelyn’s really unsure if they believe any of it. Her new boss is looking for more girls too so Katelyn also plans to get them all hooked up with a better job and her new hot boss! Katelyn loves to share and wants the best for the best!

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BBW Giantess Fantasies

Cathy shrunk one of her pathetic little slaves and now sits on the couch holding his tiny body in her hands – holding his life in her hands. She stands up, places him on the couch and sits down – showing no mercy as he gets crushed under her butt which is sooo big compared to his tininess. She later takes off her trousers and smothers him under her perfect ass just covered with a thong.

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