The Last Prayer

How many chances do you have to run away and hide, tiny man??00000000000000000. hahahahahahhha….Say you last prayer.Im gona squash you under my huge feet !!! Are you drizzing already? To late tiny man! will torture your, destroy your body , crush your bones.Ohh I will tell you once will be crushed below my feet or just chewed , swallowed, and digested in my stomach. O r how do you wish?To be swalow alive and live inside my giantess stomack few days???

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Living as Your Girlfriends Shrunken Boytoy

Your girlfriend, Giantess Katelyn, saw a video of you at a party where you told your friends how you think girls are just toys and bitches. Katelyn was hurt from what you said so she decided to turn the tables on you and make you her boytoy. The only difference is, you’re now her shrunken boytoy.

She explains how she’s seen the video, tells you she was never your toy, and explains how your now her toy. Since you’re so darn hot Katelyn simply doesn’t want to break up with you. Your three month anniversary was coming up and she went out of her way to surprise you with a gift of romance dice. She still wants to play the game with you and thinks it will be even more fun for the both of you because of the size difference!

During the game of romantic dice Katelyn makes you worship and kiss her nyloned and bare toes, climb the whole way up her body to suck her nipples (through her top), lick her lips, and lastly you’re made to suck her pussy until she climaxes (through her panties and under panties with a shrunken man prop).

By the end of the fun you’ve pleased her so well she’s decided to keep you around as her shrunken sex slave. If you disobey her in any way… she will use the power of her size against you! You’re tossed into her nightstand and warned, so beware!

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