Kerri’s French Kissing Class Accident

Kerri welcomes her class of kissing noobs to her kissing class and tells them to make it more fun for them she’s going to teach them all one on one. Then to get the class started she unexpectedly shrinks them all! Giantess Kerri then walks up to them and sits down. She plucks her class one by one off the floor and places them into her palm.

Giantess Kerri then looks for what she uses for her class. Plexi Glass. She then finds it and sits down with it. Her class is probably wondering what the hell is going on. She tells them this is how she does her kissing lessons and places them all on her tongue.

She then tells her class to watch and learn and teaches them all how to french kiss. She then gets into is and french kisses them all for many minutes. By the end she gets them out the easy way… spitting them all out!

Her class is then nearly drowned in her spit. Kerri then goes into panic – shit, one’s missing! At first she hopes he’s in her mouth somewhere so she searches it with her finger. He’s not there. He must have been accidentally swallowed!

Giantess Kerri then tells the rest of the class, who are drowning in her spit, whenever this happens she just has to eat them all and apologizes. She doesn’t want to go to jail or loose her business! So, she eats one, and then eats the rest.

Afterwards she rubs her belly and talks about how they’re probably all in her intestines by now, being ripped apart by her stomach juices. But she’s still hungry so she gets up to get something to eat. The camera then pans over the plexi glass.

Extra Footage and Bloopers included at the end.

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