Toy car crush

These two model cars were send to me by one of my admirers. I had a lot of fun destroying this crap under my stiletto shoes. At the beginning of the clip I use the cars as rollerblades… Unfortunately I did not get far until they broke down…Must see…;) 1280×720 HD

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Small dolls on Janine’s stepper

Janine has no other use for these little dolls anymore so she decides to crush them underneath her sneakers and bare feet – while working out! So she put them on the pedals of her stepper and wrapped them with duct tape so they can’t fall off – then she starts to workout. The small dolls get crushed under the merciless soles of her sneakers with Janine’s full body weight smashing down on them. She later takes her shoes off and continues to crush her small victims under her bare feet.

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Giantess Lilia overruns the little doll girl

Lilia wants to destroy this little doll girl and the easiest way seems to be to just overrun her a few times with a car. Lilia places the little body right in front of the huge tire – gets into the car and runs over it again and again. In the end she gets out of the car once more, looks at the tiny crushed victim and kicks it away!

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