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Goddess Celine hat a nice face and beautiful red lips.
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Shawna Lenee teases and crushes you!

Shawna Lenee is a giantess with a really hot butt!
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You are my little toilet licker

Lisa Jordan is a fucking hot giantess!
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Big ass destruction

With her enormous ass Svenja is standing in front of the little fire truck. Her blue jeans are very tight, and they are extremely rough and hard when she sits down on the fire truck. Will she be able to destroy when she is pushing down hard again and again, pressing her mighty ass against the little car?


Claire and tiny captives

Claire spent her long working day with a slave under each of her feet, into her fishnets stockings. Back home, she took of her shoes to lets them breath because they were suffocating in her shoes. She relax with her slave in her stocking then takes them of and crush the tiny salve with her barefeet before puting them in her shoes and leave the room.

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DuneFeet special video no. 26 KEN’S END

Imagine that you are small helpless men, condemned to de4th by crushing under pressure. You can feel the pain, but you cannot d1e easily. Your choice is to d1e under two pretty tall giantess girls and to sniff for the last time pantyhose in your pathetic life. To feel real pressure of over 60 tons and to see girls’ soles every time they step on you. First you see executioner’s face, second her foot coming on you and third you see the dark and feel terrible pain while your body flatten in the ground under full girl’s weight. In the cyrcle, for 9 minutes untill you d1e.
Giantess sisters Kim and Sophie, in latex pants and nude tan pantyhose, steps on little Ken Infinitly. So many weight, so many pressures, so many steps on poor small body… Girls, without mercy, crush the doll in walkover style and flatten him. When they see his broken neck, they start to dismember it. Rest in piece, Ken…

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Lucie after training

Lucie come back home after an hard training day at her tennis club. Her feet are very sweaty and she wants some tiny slave to smelle them. So she takes off her shoes, make you smell it, then tease tiny slave under her stinky socked feet. After a moment, she decides to continue crushing them barefeet. At the end she puts a fews in her shoes and in her socks and leave her room.

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